PU Technology

PU Inks are formulated for polyester sheets, polyurethane sheets and molded polyurethane substrates. They have a smooth finish. These inks can be intermixed with each other to give numerous desired shades. PU Inks confirm to the EN-71 guidelines of heavy metal content. PU Inks are vinyl and phthalate free.

PU Inks can be used directly or for improved adhesion hardner can be added. In PU Ink add 3%-5% hardner. Mix only the quantity to be used as the ink cannot be stored after adding hardner. Use Reducer for reducing the ink.

Clean the substrate with the recommended cleaning liquid before printing. Please ensure that the substrate is clean and dry before printing.

Newly developed lamination system in PU technology in the brand of ‘ELEGANT’ for Gravure Reverse Printing, and “SUPER TONE” inks for surface printing for C.I Flexo.

“ELEGANT” Series of Inks, for printing on BOPP & Polyester film for various aroma sensitive food grade jobs. It has very good printability, excellent resolubility, very low solvent retention hence very low odour, higher bond strength & inks can run on very faster speed printing machine up to 250-300Mts/MIN. The ELEGANT inks have excellent sharp tonal reproduction. It is also suitable for Adhesive lamination, solvent less lamination as well as Extrusion.


Vinyl Based Inks

These are Shree Lam Series of Inks for reverse printing on polyster film, for various food grade jobs. It has sharp printability with good colour strength,excellent colour resolubility with low solvent retention and better bond strength in lamination,suitable for low and high speed machine for all type of laminated packages. It can be used reverse printing on BOPP by using BOPP Additive.