Shree Ultra Inks : The Rising Star

In September 2010 Vol21.No.2 INK NEWS JOURNAL carried a news article detailing the activities of Shree Ultra Inks, Hyderabad.

Few companies grow consistently on the back of a strong vision which just reinstates an eternal prophecy that when the vision has fore sightedness, the drawn never ceases to begin.

For Shree Ultra Inks, a Hyderabad based modern liquid ink manufacturing company, it was not primarily because of its small beginning, but immaculate vision which saw it through, and today there is no stopping it.

Shree Ultra inks is one of the best names in liquid inks market today, Due to their expertise, quality service and, marketing strategy. The company stepped into the field of printing inks and coatings in 2005, and has registered phenomenal growth during the past five years, through its sheer dedication. Shree Ultra Inks an ISO-9001-208 certified company has its own plant at bahadurpura in Hyderabad is the largest manufacturers of liquid printing inks in South India. The company is having an installed capacity of 3000 tons per annum.

The company has hi-tech laboratory equipment managed by highly qualified technical personnel, for comprehensive testing of raw material and finished goods to minimize the defects, these infrastructures helps the company to meet the specific requirement of the customers (i,e.tailor made inks ). Ultra Inks supplies ink to number of printers and packagers including major, medium size and small industries.

The company is continuous process of developing new generation inks such as PU Ink, Toluene Free Lamination Inks, CI Flexo inks. Ultra Inks maximizes the performance of color in its application. leaves a quality print, a lasting impression.



Shree Ultra Inks

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From Chairman's Desk

Nature gave us colours. The Chinese invented inks and we at Shree Ultra Inks have perfected the art of making best inks.

Shree Ultra Inks made a promising start in the year 2005 from Hyderabad, India. Within a span of two years it has achieved a leading position in the whole of south India and has established its prominence as a quality ink manufacturer in other parts of India as well.


As of now, we are in Flexo and Gravure inks catering to the requirements of Laminated printing and Surface printing as well as HDPP, HDPE, paper and board print buyers. We are contemplating to develop new products for printing ink industry like Web offset, Sheetfed offset, Silkscreen ink, U V coating etc.

We have achieved a  phenomenal growth in the last two years. Our satisfied customers bear testimony to this. Though new to the industry, we have built an enviable reputation in a very short period, along with evergrowing list of reputed customers.

This has been possible due to the superior quality of our products, dedicated personnel and confidence gained through our field trials.

We care to delight our customer with our consistent quality & services.


Thanking you,

Prashant Karwa